Nelson Pediatric Therapy is Now Solace Pediatric Healthcare in Arizona 

We are excited to announce that the Nelson Pediatric Therapy team has joined the Solace Pediatric Healthcare team. Together, services will be provided to our families by the same outstanding group of clinicians and support staff. Since 2005 Denver-based Solace Pediatric Healthcare has been the leading provider of pediatric nursing, family caregiver, occupational, physical, speech and feeding therapy services to children from birth to 21 years of age.

Our clinicians remain committed to providing quality, compassionate care for all of the children and families we serve. Solace Pediatric Healthcare truly invests in its employees, providing the necessary resources and support for individual growth throughout their career. A streamlined, organized system has allowed its clinicians to devote their full energy and attention to children and focusing on what they do best



Leading Provider of Quality Therapy Services

As a pioneer in home-based therapy, we seek to enhance the child’s therapy experience by providing our services, whenever possible, in the child’s natural home environment. For those who prefer or require a clinic setting, we are pleased to offer therapy services in our modern family-friendly clinic in Tempe.


Dedicated and Experienced

Our highly-regarded team of dedicated and experienced pediatric therapists offer exceptional care to children from birth to young adult. We work closely with families, teachers, and healthcare providers to ensure that each child achieves his or her maximum potential.


Dynamic Environment

With therapists from multiple disciplines working together, there are numerous opportunities for collaboration and for continued expansion of therapy skills. This extraordinary and dynamic environment enriches the experience for both the therapists and the children they treat.