The Safety of Your Child, Family and our Therapists Paramount


For Nelson Pediatric Therapy, your safety and the safety of our therapists is paramount.

Because direct face-to-face therapy requires close contact between a client and therapist, the virus causing COVID-19 can unknowingly be transmitted between asymptomatic individuals during a direct therapy session. To lessen this risk, we are following State and Federal guidance on how to safely provide this essential service in the home.

Your therapist will check his or her temperature each day and confirm it is normal before providing direct therapy services. In addition, your therapist will wear a face mask to each therapy session. Normal precautions we already take will continue, such as treating only those who do not have symptoms, hand washing and use of hand sanitizer, and disinfecting therapy equipment after each use.

Since children are a major reservoir of the virus and may contribute to its spread, telehealth therapy services will continue to be offered for all therapy services provided by Nelson Pediatric Therapy. We encourage this approach to therapy as it provides the maximum protection you and your child deserve.

The links below provide useful information about this virus: